In order for the general public and the community of Gush Etzion, in particular, to become familiar with the Sadna’s vision of an integrated living, we have been operating a social coffee shop in our local forest for the last five years. The café was built and is maintained by our students and serves as our “display window” to the public, giving them the opportunity to get to know the Sadna and its many projects.

The café is located in the heart of the Sadna. The wooden cabin was constructed with the help of the students, and the gardening staff of the employment sector prepared the paths and landscaping.  Diners and visitors of the coffee shop enjoy a hearty breakfast which includes freshly baked pastries made by the students of the workshop.

The guests also enjoy seeing the works of art being done in our ceramics studio, the basket weaving workshop, and the carpentry workshop. The employees at the cafe are the students of the school and the residents of the communal living who are responsible for preparing and serving the food, cleaning up, and for providing smooth service and a pleasant atmosphere.


The café is open Friday from 10-13.


for more details and coordination of groups, please contact Tamar Gamson 0502102877