The School


The “Sadnat Shiluv” School for Special Education is located in the unique educational area of Gvaot, Gush Etzion. The school contains, elementary, junior high and high school and has 60 students who come from Gush Etzion and the region.  All of the students are referred to us by the local authorities who have determined that the student is eligible for special education. The school we learn integrates students with behavioral-emotional difficulties, students diagnosed with A.S.D, students with mental disorders and students with moderate retardation.

The school is located in an agricultural setting that has a stable, a petting zoo, a goat pen, and vegetable gardens.


The educational work in the school is guided by the principle that each person has abilities and skills, can each contribute something to his environment. There are a customized work and educational program for each student in order to achieve the personal emotional-behavioral, educational and functional goals of that student. These plans are carefully developed by our professional pedagogy team and are geared to the different levels of each student.

The Sadna operates a varied enrichment program in the fields of art, ceramics, carpentry, basket weaving, embroidery and more.


There are also paramedical services available to those who need.