The Merhav Hameshalev


The integrated space is a program designed to help students with ADHD who are enrolled in the regular
school system. The program is based on the assumption that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a
widespread debility that affects many areas of the student's functioning. In addition, these children
often have additional needs and circumstances such as learning disabilities, motor impairments, mood
disorders, and behavioral problems. As a result, many students are sent to special education
frameworks or finish their studies in the regular school system but suffer from considerable scholastic,
social and emotional difficulties without acquiring effective tools to cope with their disability and/or the
ability to maximize their skills and abilities.

 In order to enable children to cope better with their disabilities and to increase their chances of
succeeding in the regular education system, we have developed the Merhav program. This program
enables students from the regular education system to benefit from the professional support program
at the center that includes varied activities that are usually not available in public schools such as
therapeutic riding, ceramics, dog grooming and kennels management, carpentry, outdoorsmanship,
basket weaving, and other activities. The students participate in these extracurricular programs one day
every week.

In addition, this program is preventive in nature and provides support for children with attention
disorders so that they can remain in the regular education system and not drop out to special education
or to the streets.

The program consists of mapping out and designing a tailored work plan for each which is implemented
during his weekly activity day in the center. Each child receives a respite from school, self-confidence
building and reinforcement and coping skills to deal with attention and concentration problems.

For further information, please contact Zohar at 0523346046.