The Yuvalim project began in 2018

Yuvalim is a program designed to provide services for young children in grades 1-8 with special difficulties and needs.


The project works on "developing the potential" of children with special needs. For this, we need a varied and diverse environment. This type of environment exposes the special needs child to different stimuli and stimulates his ability to absorb and internalize new information and material. The professional team identifies which experiences the child responds to and based on this, builds individual work plan per child.


The goal is to open as many options as possible for the students. There is an emphasis on developing a cognitive language which enhances the thought processes and possibilities. Development of potential is significant in early childhood and, in many cases, it happens best in an environment integrated with both special needs and non-special needs children.


 The students work in "Tlatonim " (a group of 3 classes). 6-9 children with special needs are included in each “Tlaton”. This method allows us flexibility in pedagogy, social mobility and the ability to work in groups with different levels without anyone feeling out of the ordinary.


The children learn through movement. Every Tlaton has a different emphasis - the children in grades 1-3 learn in the forest each day, the fourth graders work in agriculture, and the seven and eighth-grade students are engaged in one of the art programs daily.


The program team builds learning materials tailored to the group and each student according to their needs and abilities

The registration for the academic year 2019-20 is already closed.