Employment center

The employment system is a framework for people with special needs who live in Sadnat Shiluv.  The residents are members of the community and as such work a full work week from Sunday to Thursday.

In recognition of the central role that employment plays in shaping an individual's personal identity, much thought is given to designing the work track and personal development path of each employee. Each work track is chosen to enable physical accessibility, interaction with diverse populations and gradual progress from one job to another. Each employee has a unique personal promotion track. The employees are assigned clear and defined goals, are tested on their achievements and receive certificates and salary increases according to these achievements.

There are 9 employment tracks and daycare center at the Sadna. Each track has a professional coordinator who supervises the work throughout the day. The workday begins immediately after Morning Prayer at 8:30 and ends at 13:00.

The employment tracks are:

The kitchen-   the kitchen provides lunch for a daycare center and a kindergarten in the community, as well as for the employment workers and the students of the workshop.

The bakery where bread and pastries and cookies are prepared for the apartments and the cafe.

A social café where the workers prepare and serve the dishes and are responsible for the organization and logistics of the café.

A stable where the students are responsible for the ongoing operation of the stable, horse therapy and riding instruction

community Maintenance - members are given duties and tasks to help keep the local community clean and well organized.

The Goat Pen – The responsibilities here including maintaining the pen, feeding and milking the goats. The milk is made into cheese and yogurt which are sold in the coffee shop.

The Petting Zoo- The zoo has a selection of small animals inside the building and in cages outside. The work includes feeding and caring for animals. The petting zoo holds lessons about animals for all the students in the workshop, which are taught by the animal corner staff.

Gardening Workshop- Gardening, care, and maintenance of public landscaping, planting and laying of irrigation kits. Twice a week the gardening group takes part in renovating the Ein Abu Kalev spring.

Ceramics Studio- the studio produces utensils used in the coffee shop and bakery, as well as utensils and bowls that are sold at the studio.

In addition to the employment tracks, there is a day center that provides solutions for residents who are unable to integrate into the employment system.