For questions, inquiries, deliberations, and support - you are invited to contact Liz Pushett 0542160082 or  Bonnie Weinberg  054776774 who are both veteran swimathon swimmers.


Do I have to swim regularly to participate?

Not really, if you do some exercise regularly, and you are fit, you can compete in the shortest track. In the water, the staff creates a rectangle of 300 meters which surrounds the swimmers and there is a long raft at each end, where you can rest if necessary. The friendly and supportive atmosphere helps keeps everyone moving and motivated.


Will boats be escorting the swimmers?


Yes. There will be boats, rafts, and kayaks along the way, with lifeguards and first-aid responders on them. If you get tired during the swim, you can simply climb onto one of the rafts and rest until you feel ready to return to the water and continue swimming.


Is there someone who can give some advice about training for the swimathon?


Yes, Esther Kleiman, a certified swimming instructor and a graduate of the Wingate Institute. You can contact her at


Can I swim with fins?

You can swim with fins, just make sure your name is clearly marked on them so that they don’t get lost.

Is there a minimum age for participating in the swimathon?


Swimmers must be a minimum of 10 years old.  Girls between 10 and 18 years of age must bring parental consent in addition to medical approval from their physician. The necessary forms can be uploaded through the online registration process.


Can I switch tracks after signing up?


Yes, you can change the route until the close of registration on Tuesday 15/5/2019 by sending an email to


Where will the spectators wait?


Guests and family members of the swimming are invited to wait at the finish line at Yarden Kinneret (near the Ohalo Hotel).


Can I attend the event if I do not want to swim?


Certainly!  The western side of the beach will be open to women only from Thursday, May 30, 19:00, until Friday, May 31, at 11:00. You can join the fun and sleep on the beach for a 60 NIS entrance fee. There are toilets and showers on the beach.


Will I receive a registration confirmation?


Anyone who has registered on the site will receive a first registration confirmation by email, and a receipt will be sent by mail.



Will there be organized transportation to the Kinneret?


Transportation this year will be free for swimmers. Transportation for guests (non-swimmers₪) is 50 for each direction. Everyone is required to book in advance! Transportation will be organized only if there is sufficient demand.


Reservations for transportation can be made through the online registration program; The buses will pick up passengers at Gush Etzion Junction, Jerusalem, Mishor Adumim, the Jordan Valley, Beit Shemesh, Kesem Interchange and, Yad Binyamin.


Do I have to sleep at Yarden Kinneret beach or are there other options available?


As a registered swimmer, you may sleep at the Yarden Kinneret Beach for free. There is also a possibility to stay at the Haon Guest House for 320 NIS per person. Reservations for the guest house can be made through the online registration program and must be paid in advance. 


How do I cancel my registration?


Send an email to  

The registration fee will not be refunded and cannot be transferred to another swimmer. In the event of cancellation, your registration fee will be considered as a donation to the Sadna.

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