Educational Enrichment and Curriculum Materials

Special education students with whom we work are often on the margins of the mainstream. They are somewhat distant from the reality that surrounds them, and our goal at the Sadna is to connect them back to the mainstream. For this purpose, a special program was developed, with emphasis on training in the following areas:


A. Self-care.  B. Interpersonal communication c. Occupational Training d. Enrichment in the fields of knowledge and information.

The program is adapted to different levels, enabling students to absorb various concepts related to their lives and their environment.

There are educational materials available on various subjects, as seen below in the sample curricula.

Each year the curriculum, field trips, and annual class outing are focused on a different theme pertaining to recent events in the history of the Jewish People.


Sample curricula include:

Background to World War II

Workbook on caring for horses and stables